Dr P Ruzicka PhD FRCP

A private cardiologist with expertise in all aspects of cardiovascular medicine. Dr Ruzicka undertakes weekly private clinics, echocardiograms (heart ultrasound) including transoesophageal echo (TOE), treadmill tests (exercise ECG, ETT), tilt table tests (TTT), coronary angiograms, pacemaker implantations, loop recorder implantations and pacemaker box changes at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.

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Why us

The advantages of going private

No waiting time

The consultations are offered face-to-face on Saturday mornings at the Alexandra Hospital or remotely over the telephone or secure video link on working days in the evening. Regardless of the type of the consultations, further diagnostic tests, treatments and prescriptions can be booked as usual. By going private you will help ease the burden on the NHS. Following the consultation, you can make the choice to transfer your care to the NHS and join the waiting list at exactly the same point as if you had been seen in the NHS clinic (this may be useful if you are a self-funding patient and need a complex intervention).

Personal care

We know that you have a choice and we never forget that you are a paying client. During your consultation we will make sure to discuss everything in detail and we will formulate a clear diagnostic and treatment plan that is right for you. No question is too trivial or too complex. All consultations, procedures and most diagnostic tests are conducted directly by Dr Ruzicka. Some non-invasive tests (ECG and blood pressure monitoring) are done by a team of experienced cardiac physiologists. Any further simple queries can be sorted via email without necessarily having to book a follow-up appointment.

State of the art

Dr Ruzicka's cardiology clinic is based at the Alexandra Hospital which is a top private hospital in the North West serving the population of Manchester, Cheshire and beyond. The reception and outpatient areas have been recently fully refurbished. Cardiology at the Alex boasts of a brand-new hybrid cardiac theatre for invasive procedures and a full range of imaging and monitoring facilities. Dr Ruzicka also offers remote consultations over the telephone or secure video link.

Fair pricing

Dr Ruzicka is a fee-assured consultant with contracts with all main UK private medical insurers (please see the logos at the bottom of the page), i.e. his fees are within limits set by the insurers (however, please note some insurance policies have excesses or exclusions). The fees for self-funding patients are £220 for a new consultation including 12-lead ECG with report and £120 for a follow-up consultation. £20 discount if paid cash in the clinic. Payments also accepted by a bank transfer, a card, or a cheque.

About me

Dr Peter Ruzicka is a Cardiology Lead at Trafford General Hospital which is a part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. His sub-specialty interests include heart rhythm, pacing and echocardiography. In the NHS he has regular echo and TOE lists at Trafford General Hospital and coronary angiograms (heart catheterization) and pacemaker implantations at Manchester Royal Infirmary / Manchester Heart Centre. Dr Ruzicka runs and supervises cardiology, pacemaker and rapid access chest pain clinics at Altrincham Hospital and Trafford General Hospital.

Professional Membership
  • Royal College of Physicians London (RCP London)
  • European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
  • European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Medical Defence Union (MDU)

2014    European Accreditation in Pacing and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators, EHRA
2011   Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) London
2005   PhD in Cardiology (Transcatheter vs surgical treatment of secundum atrial septal defect)
2004   Cardiology Accreditation (cum laude)
2000   General Medicine Accreditation
1997   Medicine Doctor (MD)
Practical procedures
    • Transthoracic echo incl. complex valve disease (weekly list, approx. 5,000 cases).
    • Transoesophageal echo (TOE, weekly list, approx. 1,000 cases).
    • Single and dual chamber pacemaker implantations (weekly list, approx. 400 cases)
    • Implantable loop recorder (ILR) implantation and removal (approx. 200 cases)
    • Coronary angiography via radial and femoral route (weekly list, approx. 3,000 cases).


  • Clinical Excellence Award level 5 
  • GHP Excellence Award for Cardiology Care Services - North West England 2018
  • GHP Leading Provider of Cardiology Care Services - North West England 2019

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